Friday, May 25, 2007

Pen and Sword

Defense Secretary Robert Gates addressed the commencement ceremonies at the United States Naval Academy this year with the following remarks:
"remember the importance of two pillars of our freedom under the Constitution: the Congress and the press."

"Both surely try our patience from time to time, but they are the surest guarantees of the liberty of the American people," Gates told the 1,028 graduates during a sunny ceremony at the Navy-Marine Corps Stadium in Annapolis, Md.

These are nice remarks, but ir could be of more value perhaps if Gates had delivered them to Congress or the Press. It is not the military who has run amok during the last six years, doing everything in their power to destroy the Bush Administration and bring the United States to defeat in the war agains Islamic terrorism. On the contrary, while the current problems are due largely to the Press' refusal to honestly report the situation on the ground, and their amazing determination to betray the secrets of the war against terrorism, the current chances of success are due entirely to the dedicated men and wmone of the United States Armed Forces.

Certainly the military must remember that they report to the elected officials of the United States. But historically, we have had few problems with that. By contrast, the imperial Press has proven itself an enormous problem to the health of this nation over the last forty years. And Congress' refusal to take responsibility is of equal importance. We elect our leaders to make decisions for us. If they cannot or will not do so, then they need to be recalled and replaced. That is the value of elections. Certainly the Press and Congress are pillars of democracy in theory. But if the pillars do not perform their responsibilities as they should, they serve only to undermine, not to strengthen.

Going forward, I am certain that the new graduates of the United States Naval Academy will serve our nation and its people honorably and well. I am not so sure about the recent graduates of the nation's journalism schools.

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