Monday, May 07, 2007

Viva Sarkozy!

Jaques Chirac spent his time as President of France pandering to Islamic fundamentalists, while simultaneously trying to feather his own nest and throwing the United States under the bus at every opportunity. A better example of political spinelessness would be hard to find, and only the Russian Dictator Putin and Democratic Party here in the United States matched Chirac as an enabler of the enemies of freedom.

However, the election of Nicolas Sarkozy may bring a fresh wind to French government circles. The first thing Sarkozy did after winning the French Presidency was to send a message to the United States, plainly stating that he wanted to tell his "American friends that they can rely on our friendship ... France will always be next to them when they need us." Of course, he threw the usual sop to the global-warming hysterics, but it does seem that perhaps he will be a better friend to the United States than was his predecessor. And maybe he can lead France out of the Socialist rut they have so long been trapped in.

A strong France that is willing to stand and defend the principles of Western culture and civilization is better for the world than the weak, pandering version that currently exists, and a strong European economy will only help the United States, relieving us of the necessity of being the world's major economic force. We can hope....

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