Monday, May 14, 2007

Fatah is "Secular"?

According to the United Kingdom's Telegraph they are. The Telegraph posted an article today announcing that the Palestinian Interior Minister has stepped down. However, inside the article, one could find this line:

"The resignation cast new doubt on whether the power-sharing partnership between Islamist Hamas and secular Fatah could continue."

It is the height of ignorance to call Fatah "secular". They are of a different sect than Hamas, but both are radical Islamist groups- they differ only to the extent that they are willing to admit it to the fatuous idiots who comprise the mainstream news. Both groups have written articles that call for the extinction of Israel. Both groups have carried out terrorist attacks against the West and both groups are corrupt. So where's the difference?

I think Captain Ed Morrissey provided an excellent analysis, as he wrote,
Forming unity governments might seem like a great idea, but a society has to have some kind of unity on which to base it. The Palestinians right now do not have even a protostate but a massive amount of gang turf. Hamas and Fatah have operated as the terrorist groups they are rather than as true political parties. Neither have interest in actual politics but in power grabs, which has been all too apparent in the failure of both groups to actually govern in any sense of the word.

Aside from providing yet another example that coalition governments of this type cannot work in reality, this article also provides a window into the mindset of the mainstream news people, who couldn't care less about actually performing research- apparently it's all about trying to convince ordinary Americans that Islamic terror organizations are "secular".

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