Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cell Phone Insurance

When you purchase a new cellular phone, the company will try to get you to buy insurance for the phone, usually telling you that if anything happens, the phone will be replaced. As I just discovered the hard way, this insurance is completely useless. if ssomething does go wrong with the phone, you wwill be told that your insurance buys you nothing. Should you persist, the support rep will invaribly tell you that you can contact the insurance carrier, but you will have to pay more to replace the phone in deductible fees than a new phone (with contract) would typically cost.

In my opinion, this borders on false advertising. In any event, I do not recommend purchasing the insurance on any cellular phone, seeing as how no matter how long you have the phone, you will have to pay more in fees than replacing the phone would cost you. Cell phone companies are rapacious enough, but there is no need to inflate your monthly bill by purchasing insurance that you can never use.

I cna only see this to be useful if one purchases an expensive phone and does not wish to renew the contract. In that event the insurance might prove to be useful, but i maintain that it is essentially useless for those of us who tend to keep phones for long periods of time. In my case, I cannot replace the phone without paying more than it is worth, or signing a new contract, which I do not wish to do. So I am stuck with an unusable phone and without recourse to get a replacement.

The provider with whom I had this experience was T-Mobile, but I suspect that all providers are similar in their claims and in the uselessness of their insurance to actually be useable. To conclude, I do not recommend purchasing cell phone insurance. The carriers themselves cover the phones for the first year or so, and once that warranty expires, additional insurance will purchase you nothing but frustration when you need to use it.

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