Friday, May 04, 2007

CNN Does It Again

We have long known that CNN only cozies up to dictators, mass murderers or other equally despicable folks. We also have long known that CNN hates Republicans and has a secret distaste for the UNited States- unless we are under a far-left Democratic Administration. However, their distaste for all things Republican has usually been masked better that in the following example. CNN caused an outcry by posting a headline on their site attempting to tie former President Ronald Reagan to insanity.

WorldNet Daily reports today that
In a story about a newly published compilation of Reagan's writings, the original AP headline read: "Reagan's wit, humor comes through in detailed diaries."

But on CNN's homepage, the network's altered headline read: "Reagan diary gives new take on insanity."

This is par for the course for CNN. This is a network that cannot get enough of a Castro or a Saddam. This is a so-called "news" network that is perfectly willing to lie or hide the truth when being asked by a murderous dictator, but can't move fast enough to denigrate or otherwise insult an American leader- when the leader in question is a Republican.

All we can hope for is that CNN will fall due to its own lies. As Michael Ledeen likes to say, "Faster, please."

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