Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Who's Censoring Whom?

Democrats and leftists love to cry "censorship" when their views are met with the public's fury. Who can forget how the Dixie Chicks were shunned by country-music fans after their astonishingly naive trashing of their own country from London? No government action was taken against them, yet the trio immediately claimed censorship.

Thus, it falls to us to remind the Left what REAL censorship looks like. As World Net reminds us, today is the one-year anniversary of a pair of New Jersey Democrats attempting to ban Ann Coulter's books from New Jersey bookstores.

And Broward County in Florida is also trying to get into the censorship headlines. Florida's Sun-Sentinel Times reported today that Broward County officials refused to renew a deal with a local radio station to broadcast hurricane information because the station also hosts Rush Limbaugh.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is censorship. Using the power of government to try to silence opinions with which one does not agree is censorship. And has anyone noticed that it is Democrats and leftists, not Republicans and conservatives, who try to silence their opponents? When was the last time a Republican tried to silence a voice of opposition by bringing the power of government to bear?

But Democrats and their ideological allies have a long history of doing exactly that. Whether it is passing Jim Crow laws or filibustering the Civil Rights bill, or Communists putting their political opponents in gulags, Leftists are the proponents of true censorship. And the Democrats are the party that has tried its best to use government power to silence their opponents. So it is somewhat ironic that the media is such enablers of the party that has a track record of real censorship, as opposed to merely presenting their arguments and letting the people decide.

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