Friday, June 08, 2007

Shamnesty Tabled

Excellent News! The attempt by our elected representatives in the Congress to legalize a massive invasion of illegal aliens has been temporarily derailed. Throughout this brazen attempt to push through a massive amnesty, the blogosphere has been doing a far better job of coverage than the so-called professionals in the MSM. Michelle Malkin, Captain Ed and the Power Line crew have all done outstanding work on the story. The MSM prefers to merely parrot the talking points of the illegal alien lobby than actually investigate the issues.

However, even the Associated Press has awoken from their propagandistic stupor long enough to recognize that the shamnesty is at least temporarily dead. Unfortunately, as the AP writers mention,
The White House argued the setback was not fatal for Bush's top domestic priority and urged Reid to allow the bill to continue to be debated and eventually receive a vote.

This is all too possible. As Michelle Malkin warned,
This is neither the beginning nor the end of the immigration debate. The White House is still trying to push shamnesty through. I predicted a while ago that after the massive amnesty package failed, Congress would break off chunks of the bill and try and pass it piecemeal. I expect that to happen here, as it has repeatedly in the past.

Malkin's word "vigilance" absolutely applies. This Congress and White House has proved on this issue that they care more for illegal aliens than for the law-abiding LEGAL immigrants who wait sometimes for years to gain legal entrance. And they completely disregarded the tax-paying citizens of this country, who were decidedly against this travesty. We must make certain that our representatives know our anger and that their continued attempts to give amnesty to illegal aliens will cost them the next time they want us to re-elect them. Maybe then they will listen harder to their constituents than to Mexico's version of the Ku Klux Klan- also known as La Raza.

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