Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Remember Midway!

I have just been reminded by a tremendous post from John in Carolina that I neglected to mark one of the signal events in American history, the Battle of Midway, which took place on June 4-6, 1942.

In that battle, which took place without any ship of either fleet actually sighting each other, an American force of three carriers (USS Enterprise, USS Yorktown and USS Hornet) and associated smalled ships defeated a much larger Japanese force bent on invading Midway island.

This battle, coupled with the Guadalcanal campaign later that same year, marked the end of Japanese expansion in the Pacific. Though Japan would enjoy more success, they were never again on the offensive and the United States had finally turned the corner towards eventual victory. As John writes,
The battle at Midway was one of World War II’s most decisive battles. America's victory there halted the Japanese offensive that began at Pearl Harbor, and enabled the Allies to begin their advance toward Japan.

Beginning on June 4, the battle lasted for three-days. Its decisive action occurred that first day so we mark June 4 as the battle's anniversary.

We must always remember the heroism of the outnumbered, outgunned American fleet, especially the bravery of the torpedo bombers who sacrificed their lives almost to the last man in order for the dive bombers to deliver the fatal blow. Heroism is often forgotten, but the incandescent bravery and patriotism of the American fleet at Midway should stand ass long as the United States itself.

It has become accepted to denigrate the men and women who choose to wear the uniform, but I must ask when a journalist has ever personally acted to ensure free speech or when a politician has ever personally acted to secure free elections. It is the soldier who guarantees these rights, and their sacrifice should be honored, no matter if the eenemy is racist militarism as it was in Imperial Japan, world Communism as in the Soviet Union or Islamic fundamentalism as we face now. Barbarism is barbarism no matter what face it wears or what corrupt ideology it hides behind. And our soldiers are the best guarantor of our safety from barbarism in all its forms.

Hat tip to John in Carolina.

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