Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Border Corruption

It appears the corruption associated with open borders has even ensnared U.S National Guardsmen. The Star-Telegram reported that three National Guardsmen were arrested for running an illegal-alien smuggling ring in Texas' Tamant County. And at least one of them, Jose Torres, was in uniform at the time he was arrested. The paper reported that,
A Border Patrol agent found 24 illegal immigrants inside a van Torres was driving along Interstate 35 near Cotulla, Texas, about 68 miles north of the border, prosecutors said. Torres was in uniform at the time of his arrest Thursday.

This is why we need to shut off the border. It's time to put the regular Army down there and remove the temptations for coyoptes and illegals to try to game the system. Build a real wall, fine illegals caught here with stiff penalties and hit employers with crippling fines and prison sentences if necessary. For the illegal aliens themselves, make it soe that if they are caught, any and all assets acquired in this country will be immediately confiscated, and seize all wages earned. In addition, Mexico shoudl be charged the fees associated with the repatriation of illegal aliens.

It is high time that we cease this charade, and shut down the border. Until we do that, any talk of "homeland security" is simply that- talk.

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