Wednesday, June 27, 2007

States Against Illegals

While Congress tries to figure out how they can pull a boondoggle of an amnesty over the wide-open eyes of American voters, some states have tired of Washington's pandering to illegal aliens at the expense of legal residents and citizens, who are asked to fund these giveaways of privileges to people who have no wish to beecome American- they only want our money while being able to spit on our culture and laws.

One Florida sheriff has found a highly effective way of catching illegals- enforce the laws on the books. According to the Associated Press, Florida Sheriff Frank McKeithen of Panama City has created a task force to enforce "a long-standing Florida law prohibitiing employers from knowingly hiring illegal immigrants". McKeithen's tactics? Simple. Have several uniformed deputies pull up to a construction site and then chase and catch whoever runs. The runners' names are then turned over to the federal immigration authorities. If no one runs, the deputies require the employers to produce proof of their employees' legal residence. Any who cannot prove they are legal are then arrested. And the tactic works. Since the sheriff began enforcing the laws, even the ACLU admits that illegals are leaving Panama City Beach.

This sounds like a brilliant plan- enforce laws already on the books and maybe the illegals will get the message. And so will the employers who are willing to play the game along with them. if you take aways the benefits and jobs that illegals are not entitled to anyway, you will eventually convince them that there is no benefit in breaking the laws to come here. Now all we have to do is somehow convince our pandering Congress and President that laws are to be enforced, and before they give away any more of our privileges to people who have not earned them, maybe they ought to try doing what they take an oath to do when they take office- enforce the laws and protect Americans, not Mexicans.

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