Thursday, June 07, 2007

U.S. Resolve-1, Islamic Intimidation-0

Since the case of the Flying Imams that occurred in Minnesota it has become fairly obvious that Islamic groups in the United States are trying to use our own judiciary to scare us into silence about the various plots and terrorist ideals many of these groups support and espouse.

However, as Captain Ed reports on the new site Heading Right, in an article entitled The Unintended COnsequences of Tort Law, it appears that judiical intimidation does not always works the way that Muslim groups would like it to.

The case in question was a lawsuit for libel brought by the Islamic Society of Boston against various persons and groups who had accused them of having links to terror. Said links being fairly well-proven in the ensuing discovery phase, and with even more evidence of wrongdoing both by the City of Boston and the Islamic Society itself, the Muslim group today chose to withdraw the lawsuit.

This is excellent news. As Captain Ed remarks,
"Islamic groups have apparently decided that the way to dhimmitude is to use our legal system to disarm us, allowing them to intimidate us into submission.

It didn’t work in Boston. Let’s hope we remain firm enough to ensure it fails everywhere."

Indeed. As long as we remain resolute, intimidation will never succeed. We can only hope that the defeatists in our media and the Democratic Party take this lesson to heart. Hat tip to Ed Morrissey.

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