Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Carter's Wonderland

Jimmy Carter has made himself a public disgrace for his post-presidential antics, including snuggling up to dictators like Kim Il Sung of North Korea, Fidel Castro of Cuba and Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran. He has also made himself into the most anti-American president in history, running from country to country to accuse the U.S. of crimes that exist mostly in his own mind and those of his demented, Communistic supporters. And he hass called George W. Bush "the worst president in American history" on a number of occcasions.

So let's recap: Under George Bush Muslims have not been able to attack the United States proper since 2001, American forces have defeated the Islamic forces on every battlefield, and driven a Muslim-supporting dictator out of power, the economy is humming along with 4.5 percent unemployment and a so-called Misery Index (inflation rate plus unemplyment) of roughly 7 percent, and the U.S is slowly reversing the Islamic world's impression of the U.S. as a cowardly lion. In addition, the U.S military is the best trained, best equipped and most adaptable force on Earth, and European governments that openly despised Bush have been replaced with leaders who know that the U.S. is the last, best hope against Islamic terror.

Under Carter the United States was under constant attack, including having an entire Embassy held captive for 445 days, we gave away many of our most important military assets (the Panama Canal, among others), the military was in a state of deep depression with outdated equipment, the economy was simultaneously in a severe recession and inflation and the Misery Index hovered at roughly twenty-one percent. in addition, unemployment was at 7 percent. And global leaders held no respect for our capabilities. Including the Soviet Union, which invaded Afghanistan on Carter's watch.

Tell me again who is the worst president in history, Mr. Carter? A look at the records does not seem to support your thesis.

His latest attack on his own country occurred at a non-Governmental Organization conference in Ireland, where he received roughly 700 million dollars in return for once again bashing his native country.

The RTE News in Ireland reported,
[Irish] Minister for Foreign Affairs Dermot Ahern has signed an agreement to provide €600,000 in aid to the foundation of visiting former US president Jimmy Carter.

The money will be provided over three years and go towards supporting the Foundation’s work in the areas of election monitoring and democratic reform.

President Carter addressed the Department’s 9th annual NGO forum on human rights at Croke Park.

He said that the US has abandoned its role as a champion of human rights in the aftermath of the 11 September attacks.

Mr Carter pointed to the torture of detainees, the denial of the applicability of the Geneva Convention and the erosion of civil liberties within the United States.

This sparked Michelle Malkin, Ed Morrissey and John Hinderaker to remind us of Carter's ineptitude in office and his near-treason since George Bush was elected.

Said Morrissey,
Bush’s refusal to engage with a terrorist group — one that has long been on the State Department list of outlawed terrorist organizations — is “criminal”. Wouldn’t it literally have been a criminal act to engage with Hamas? Federal law prohibits such direct contacts and the transmission of aid to terrorist groups such as Hamas.

Even more ridiculous, Carter feels that we should applaud the organizational skills of a terrorist group that just murdered its way to the top of the Gaza power structure. He applauds their “superior skills and discipline,” while turning a blind eye to the ways in which they apply them. Rather than scold them for using violence to achieve their political goals, Carter wants the global community to welcome and reward them for it.

Captain Ed was seconded by John Hinderaker's analysis of the video of the event over at the Power Line, wherein he wrote,
“So there you have it: in the perverse world of Jimmy Carter, the United States is a criminal nation that destroys civil liberties, tortures prisoners and oppresses Palestinians. But the Iran-controlled terrorists of Hamas? No problem.”

And Michelle Malkin reminded us of Carter,
Who is America’s worst president? Jimmy Carter reconfirms it every time he opens his mouth.

The authoritative record of Carter's disastrous Presidency can be found at the Investor's Businesss Daily, where a series of articles covers Profile In Incompetence: A 10-Part Series on the Worst President in American History. Read the whole thing, and be glad that Carter was defeated in 1980, as otherwise, we would be in far worse shape than we are now. At least Bush understands that appeasing dictators and would-be dictators is a Bad Thing. Carter would have probably given the Muslim radicals most of North America by now were he in office and we would find ourselves in a real theocracy.

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin for her incomparable round-up of Carter's latest disgraceful action and the commentary by others in the blogosphere.

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