Wednesday, June 06, 2007

On Amnesty

Amnesty International, that is. It has long been proclaimed that the organization was created by British lawyer Peter Benenson in 1961 to secure liberty for all political prisoners around the world.

This is a very nice little story. The problem is that it happens to be completely false. According to Claudio Veliz, a Chilean academic who now lives in Australia, Amnesty International was in actuality the brainchild of Communist fellow-traveler Alec Digges, who created it to get Communists and Communist sympathizers out of the prison sentences their violent political inclinations earned for them. How does Veliz know this? He was there at its inception and was a trusted member of the International Brigade that preceded it. For a complete background on this group of fellow-travelers, read the whole thing.

This makes complete sense. Ever notice how Amnesty International is always eager to condemn the United States or Israel for supposed human rights violations, but never seems to have a thought for the inmates of Castro's prisons, or the victims of Islamic terror? They will go out of their way to talk about "rights" for the terrorists held in Camp X-ray at Guantanamo Bay, but will hear nary a harsh word about the much worse-treated prisoners of communist or left-wing totalitarianism around the world. When was the last time you heard Amnesty International condemn China's occupation of Tibet? Or Russia's crackdown on the former states of the Soviet Union such as Ukraine?

We need to open our eyes. Amnesty International is an organization that is dedicated to the defeat of the United States, and to the eventual triumph of Communist totalitarianism. Any moral authority they may have once had was only the authority of useful idiots, and it is high time we unmasked this dangerous and duplicitous group of Communist enablers and apologists.

Hat tip to little green footballs.

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