Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fluff or Falsehoods?

Media watchdog site Newsbusters reported today that Dan Rather has eschewed a quiet retirement in favor of attacking Katie Couric's anchorship of CBS Evening News as dumbing down and "tarting up" the news. As one might suspect, Rather also found time to attack the Iraq campaign and call for a "strategic withdrawal".

I am no fan of Katie Couric, who has a long history of proviing less-than-accurate "news" and of spinning any topic she can to support her favorred political agenda. She is less az reporter than a mere newsreader. However, setting aside the sexism inherent in Rather's rants, I find that "dumbed down" news is preferred to "news" that is created out of whole cloth in hopes of destroying a political leader that the news media dislikes. This was rather obviously the case in Mary Mapes' and Dan Rather's use of forged documents to try to throw the 2004 election to John Kerry.

On Rather's call for a "strategic withdrawal" from Iraq, he once again shows that, like most reporters, he lacks the expertise or understanding to make any judgement calls on military affairs. Or does he prefer to try to mask his wish for an American defeat in calls for "strategic withdrawal"? Would Rather prefer to see Islamic sharia law in the United States? then by all means, Mr. Rather, continue your campaign, in which I regret to say that most of the media and the Democratic Party shares, to help destroy freedom.

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