Thursday, June 14, 2007

Duff Wilson = Paid Hack

Duff Wilson, supposedly a professional reporter, has spent the entirety of the Duke lacrosse rape hoax acting as if he were a paid propagandist for disgraced Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong. From his initial coverage of the case, in which he practically accused the defendents of rape, to his latest piece of hackery, wherein he attempts to spin Nifong's ethics trial as somehow exonerating Nifong, he stands as an example of "journalism" at its worst. Race-baiting, misleading articles and flat-out lies are Wilson's stock-in-trade, it appears.

Today, we are offered an excellent opportunity to compare Wilson's "coverage" of Nifong's ethics trial with the coverage provided by Associated Press reporter Aaron Beard.

Beard reports accurately that even the lab director, Dr. Brian Meehan, admitted that he agreed with Nifong to withhold results from DNA testing that proved conclusively that the three Duke students did not rape Crystal Mangum. This shows that Nifong deliberately broke the law in an attempt to convict three innocent people.

Wilson? He tries to spin the trial so that Nifong emerges as a victim and definitely not responsible for the attempt to hide evidence that was favorable to the defense. One can only wonder who is paying for Wilson's propaganda. Surely even the New York Times, despite being known more for its treasonous attempts to assist our Islamic enemies, must have a few standards of accuracy in cases where the accused have been so publicly vindicated.

Hat tip to Durham-in-Wonderland.

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