Friday, June 15, 2007

Hamas Wins

It appears that the Hamas group has won the civil war in Gaza. This can be either a curse or a blessing. Now that there is no pretense of a moderate government in Gaza, Israel can do as it pleases, without needing to consider the ramifications from the usual suspects. And Hamas now controls all the levers of government, having killed off their opponents in the Fatah gang. So they will be forced to accept some responsibility.

However, the bad news is that Gaza is now under the complete control of as terrorist group that has made no secret of its desire to destroy Israel. So for Israel, the war that Hamas has been wanting cannot be far off. If I were the Prime Minister, i would be calling up my armed forced in readiness for the inevitable attack.

One does wonder- is Hamas' complete victory enough to make the Drive-By Media realize what a real civil war looks like? Or are they still trying to convince us that Iraq is a "civil war" but somehow Gaza is not? Oh, I forgot. The Gaza war cannot be blamed on George Bush very easily, so "move along folks- nothing to see here" appears to be the order of the day for our so-called "mainstream media".

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