Friday, June 08, 2007

My First Acts as Dictator...'s Burt Prelutsky recently fantasized about being dictator of the United States. This raised the thought in my mind as well. Dictatorships do tend to be more efficient than representative democracies. So if I were dictator of the United States, what would I do?

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to be taken as fact, but merely as a wish-list of things that I would like to see occur.

  • Illegal immigrants have no access to US courts.

  • The US Army will be sent to the southern border with orders to stem the invasion using any force necessary.

  • Any illegal found in the United States will have all assets seized and will be used as unpaid labor on the wall that the Corps of Engineers will build on the southern border.

  • Any city that is so misguided as to declare itself a sanctuary for illegal aliens will be fined in excess of twenty million dollars and all federal funds will be revoked until that city changes its laws.

  • Illegal aliens will be denied any access to American health care.

  • No longer will birth in the US be automatic citizenship. You must have at least one US parent, who must then will have to apply for citizenship for the new born.

  • Legal immigrants will be sorted by their value to the United States, not by how many family they possess.

  • All prospective immigrants to the United States must pass a standard university-level test of English, US history and civics and swear an oath of allegiance.

  • All government agencies will be evaluated on the basis of performance and customer service. Any employee who fails will be terminated.

  • All brakes will be taken off the Armed Forces in attacking the enemies of the United States. If our enemies hide amongst civilians, then civilians will die. That is the fault of the terrorists, not of US soldiers.

  • All foreign aid programs will be discontinued.

  • The UN will be summarily evicted from the United States and all US funding will be withdrawn until such time as the UN gives the US and all other member nations a full and complete accounting of all activities and how it uses said funds.

  • US will create a new international body made up ONLY of representative democracies. China, Russia and all other totalitarian states will not be invited to join.

  • All US soldiers will be withdrawn from Europe, Japan and South Korea. They don't want us? Fine. You're on your own.

  • All domestic subsidy programs will be halted. The federal government is not a nanny. Only national defense and diplomatic operations should be the responsibility of the federal government.

  • All programs not directly related to national defense and diplomacy will be halted .

  • Taxes will be set at a flat rate, and the IRS will be disbanded. No more withholding will occur and there will be no exceptions. The new tax will be on actual total wealth, not on income.

  • The CIA will be disbanded. All intelligence operations will be undertaken by the uniformed members of the US military.

  • Should any American be taken hostage, the United States will retaliate with all available military force against the kidnapper. Should the kidnapper be a nation, then that nation will suffer militarily.

  • Any member of Congress who gives aid to our enemies in any way will be charged with treason.

  • Term limits would be imposed on all offices, including my own. No Senator can serve more than two terms, Representatives serve a maximum of four terms and judges can serve a maximum of ten years. Lawyers are prohibited from serving as judges- they lack too much common sense.

  • Any journalist or news organ who publishes confidential information that can be proved to have aided the enemy will be charged with treason.

  • US courts will not be allowed authority over adoptions. Once a baby is given up for adoption, the act is irrevocable.

  • All domestic energy will be supplied by nuclear power plants, supplemented where possible by wind turbines, solar and other alternative energy sources.

  • All vehicles must run on electricity within five years, with recharging stations at regular intervals to replace gasoline stations.

I'm sure that there are more dictats I could issue, but these are a good start. Of course I am sure you noticed that if I were indeed dictator, the US would no longer be a representative democracy. However, many of these ideas could be brought to fruition, if only we had a populace who were engaged and interested. A strong President and a cooperative Congress could execute many of these ideas, should they be more interested in the welfare of the United States than in feathering their personal nests. the Republicans failed, and the Democrats thus far have shown themselves even more corrupt than the Republicans in their brief tenure.

If you have any ideas of your own, feel free to post them in the comments. I am sure that there are more good ideas I have missed.

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