Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hurricanes and Blowhards

So I have been somewhat lax in following the 'coverage' of the New Orleans damage. However, I fear it appears that the Exempt Media have once again allowed their partisanship to outweigh their so-called professionalism. Having been a blog-reader for some time, I will resist the temptation to comment somewhat pithily on the level of their 'professionalism'. Let us merely say that journalists do not seem to have either great understanding of the stories which they cover or great ethics in the way they execute their jobs. In short, they are supremely unqualified for the important role that society has asssigned them.

Case in point is the 'coverage' on display from the Exempt Media. Though they can find time to blame the President for the entire mess, they seem to have forgotten their civics classes, as several of bloggers have already pointed out. I point to examples like this one from the LA Times, and this one from the Democracry Project.

Also much applause to Glenn Reynolds, Captain's Quarters and many others for not only organizing and leading the blogosphere donation effort, but also for actual reporting on the real culprits- Governor Kathleen Blanco and Mayor Ray Nagin. They also take time to remind the flaming moonbats of the Left that the Federal Government is not responsible as a first responder to catastrophes, and in this case, was not even assked for help by the Governor until apparently a personal phone call from the President shamed her into actually making a decision! According to Hugh Hewitt, they even went so far as to block aid directly after the storm. This is sonmething that our Exempt Media (with the solitary exception of ABC News, according to Matt Drudge) has yet to notice in their unseemly haste to blame the President. And I will be nice and won't even mention the ludicrous and hypocritical "efforts" of people like Sean Penn and RFK, Jr.

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