Friday, September 09, 2005

More Air Scamerica

So I observed that at long last, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune has taken notice of the ongoing and ever-deepening Air America scandal involving local 'hero' Al Franken. Let's see- how long has this been going on and the Exempt Media has chosen to ignore it? And as Scott Johnson of Power Line immediately and accurately responded, the Strib managed to report only on where Franken could actually be heard- ignoring the salient details of the actual story entirely! Hmm, media professionalism in action.

Can anyone imagine that they would have ignored this if say, Rush Limbaugh had been involved? I seem to recall breathless and constant coverage (much of it unfairly suggsting that Rush was a drug-crazed fiend) when Rush announced he had become addicted to pain-killers. This despite the fact that the Exempt Media normally portary drug-users, like Robert Downey, Jr., for example, as helpless victims.

Speaking of Rush, he also has a post today on the failure of Exempt Media to report on the real story from New Orleans that everyone else has managed to find- that it was the Louisiana state officials, starting with Governor Blanco, who are the villains of the piece, not the feds or George W. Bush.

The moral of this sordid story seems to be that when a liberal 'hero' is involved in a potential scandal, the Exempt Media prefer to serve as Democratic Party shills rather than actually report on the story. Hat tips to Power Line, The Washington Times and of course Glenn Reynolds. Special notice to Michelle Malkin and Brian Maloney who have been providing suberb coverage on the shenanigans at Air America almost since Day One.

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