Wednesday, September 14, 2005

MSM Misfires- Again

Well, well. Despite all the Exempt Media lashing out at President Bush, even as they are giving a pass to the state and local (Democratic) officals who were really at fault in the Katrina reaction, it appears that most Americans are not buying the snake oil the MSM is trying to sell. A recent Gallup poll, courtesy of Ankle Biting Pundits shows that Bush's poll numbers, far from crashing as the Democrats and their media friends were doubtless hoping, have actually risen and even more important, 49% of Americans say the media is spending too much time trying to afix blame.

Interestingly enough, in the same poll, Bush's overall job approval is up to 46% from last week's 45%, and 63% still have confidence in the go vernment's ability to handle terrorist attacks.

You almost have to feel for those poor mediacrat elites with their better intelligence. Even after striking out with every resource at Bush after Katrina as referenced by James Pinkerton at Tech Central Station, they still can't bring him down. And the rest of the country is catching on, as evidenced by the continuing growth of the blogosphere. And if we are all very lucky, they won't be able to foist Madame Hillary on us in 2008, and we'll have more years of Republican leadership, as opposed to Democratic ankle-biting.

One last thought- all that attention is focused on New Orleans and Louisiana. What was the state and local response like in Republican-governed Mississippi? Was it actually competent? Or were there not enough dead black Democrats for the MSM? Just wondering....

Hat tip as usual to Glenn Reynolds.

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