Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Air Scamerica- Take Three

Well, well. The Air America scandal keeps getting deeper and dirtier. The New York Sun newspaper reported today that David Goodfriend, a former Clinton Administration appointee and the one Air America executive who actually appears to have tried to behave ethically, was "sickened to the core" by the idea of money being taken from a Boys and Girls Club to fund Air America.

Mr. Goodfriend, in fact, as the Sun reports, resigned in the face of great pressure rather than sign on to what he believes was a fraudulent transfer of authority from Progress Media to the current owners of Air America, Piquant Media.

And I am sure we can all imagine what the Exempt Media would be saying if this were a conservative network. Or even a story that could be tied in some remote way to George W. Bush. Remember their breathless attempts to blame Bush and the Republicans for Enron? How that story simply couldn't get enough resources? Or maybe how they spent so much time on the Texas ANG story in hopes of proving Bush an AWOL- though they themselves do not appear to have any issues with draft-dodgers, as evidenced by their adoption of and identification with Bill Clinton!

But apparently the "win at all costs" attitude the Left inherited from the Bolsheviks and Communists who were their major funders has trumped truth in reporting for these repulsive remnants of the Left's broadcast dominance. Will the Exempt Media ever report on this story? The world wonders....

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