Thursday, September 15, 2005

Prince Albert Chooses Unwisely

Another word on Katrina came up today. Apparently, as Al Gore was delivering a September 9th speech in San Francisco to the Sierra Club, in which he busied himself accusing President Bush of sabotaging the enviornment, a Congressional task force in Washington, D.C. was releasing their own report regarding the levees of New Orleans. The same levees that gave way so disastrously in the aftermath of Katrina's touchdown.

Unfortunately for Al and his enviro-wacko friends in the Sierra Club, it turns out, as reported here by Emmett Tyrell, that the Army Corps of Engineers was ready to build up those levees in 1996. But they were stopped by a lawsuit filed by- the Sierra Club! Hmmm...

It also turns out that another enviro-freak group, this one called Save the Wetlands, filed a lawsuit in 1977 to stop the congressionally-funded building of what the LA Times characterized as a "massive hurricane barrier". Apparently they convinced a judge that it was more important to do a more thorough environmental study than protect the citizens of New Orleans.

Gee Al- would you include your enviro-friends among those who you so passionately called on to be held accountable for the disaster caused by Katrina? Just asking....

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