Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Perception is Everything

Perception is interesting. Listen to the Exempt Media or watch any primetime program on the television, and you will see horrors in the characters; daily lives. Children are kidnapped, women raped, and drugs are a daily presence. However, a new article by John Stossel on Town Hall reminded me that we actually live in a better, safer, cleaner time than perhaps any generation that has preceded us.

Crime is the lowest it's been in fifty years, cigarettes have been all but banished from the public sphere in many places, and even though the environmental movement is still desperately trying to convince us to subordinate humanity to the ruffled owl or perhaps the minnow, environmentally we live in the cleanest era in American history.

Wouldn't it be nice to see the media once in a while stop to count the blessings of life in 21st-century America, instead of trying to impose their own dark visions on the rest of us? It does raise the question of what kind of life they want that they try so hard to darken ours. Doesn't it?

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