Tuesday, September 27, 2005

More Egg For the MSM

It appears that the so-called 'professionalism' the MSM likes to bleat about is nothing more than a monstrous put-up job. Recent reports out of New Orleans would seem to indicate that the job performed by the MSM was disgraceful at best and downright criminal at worst. The most appalling part of the new information seems to indicate that if the majority of refugees had been white, as occurred in Mississippi, the Exempt Media would not have covered things this way. Which brings up the question- then why did color make a difference?

According to John Podhoretz of the National Review, both the New Orleans Times-Picayune and the Los Angeles Times have now noticed the lack of accuracy displayed by our 'professional' media regarding the Katrina story. Of course, Dan Rather hasn't. He thinks the coverage was wonderful. Well, Mr. Forged-but-True's lack of perspicacity is unfortunately not surprising. Disappointing, but not surprising.


Crane Hopper said...

The Jarvis Effect
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