Friday, September 09, 2005

Media Interest

So I observe that the Exempt Media have not been able to find anything to do other than blame President Bush for the Hurricane Katrina fiasco. This despite numerous debunkers, including Power Line, Hugh Hewitt, and even a fair member of the left, Jay Rosen of New York University.

However, a new story posted yesterday by Radio Blogger contains the transcript of a conversation between Hugh Hewitt and Major Garrett of Fox News clearly shows that despite the dreams of the Democrats and their allies in the Exempt Media, the main culprit was Louisiana, NOT the federal government. Additionally, an article posted by Diana West and backed up by the left-leaning site The Daily Howler clearly shows that the federal response was not that bad. In fact, federal responders were on the ground 48 hours after Katrina hit- quicker than when Hurricane Andrew hit in 1992. In fact, the US Coast Guard was in action rescuing people less than 24 hours after Katrina hit. This is an especially good reaction considering the dithering from the state's elected officials and the disgraceful behavior by the city of New Orleans. had they allowed the feds to get involved earlier, perhaps at least SOME of the suffering might have been alleviated.

Perhaps maybe the Exempt Media might take a minute to examine the real story? Oh, wait, they are too busy trying to destroy Bush for their friends in the Democratic Party.

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