Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Re: Sarong Party Girls

Heh. It appears that Singapore has yet to lighten up. According to Asian Sex Gazette, there is a 19-year old Sarong Party Girl (SPG) blogging in full detail about her sex life and experiences as a Sarong Party Girl! So I went searching for her blog, and found an fascinating blog written, as promised, by a Singaporean SPG. This particular SPG is highly entertaining and has a interesting utilization of language on her blog. She also appears to be very intelligent, and if you want a window into her world, check out her blog at Sarong Party Girl.

So what is a Sarong Party Girl? For those of you who are unaware of this phenonmenon, I will briefly explain. In Malaysia and Singapore, there is a particular type of girl who are known as Sarong Party Girls (SPG). According to a good girlfriend of mine in Malaysia, SPGs are usually young, pretty hot, dress provocatively, and they are also shallow, relatively easy to sleep with and expensive. In short, if you are dating an SPG, expect to be hit up frequently for their little desires- Gucci purses, expensive clothes, fancy places to go on dates, etc. Basically the classic gold-digger.

It takes money to get them- your physical appearance is secondary to your financial standing, though still important. In Japan of the late 1980s, they would be roughly analogous to the body-conscious girls found in places like Julianna's Tokyo, though the bodicons were not as into foreigners as the SPGs are reputed to be (language difficulties may have had something to do with that- Singaporean girls speak English, as opposed to most Japanese girls). However, be aware that SPGs are NOT analogous to the bar-girls found in Thailand and the Philippine Islands. In other words, they are not prostitutes. Oh, and they usually prefer non-Asian men (European-American seems to be the most popular).

So if you are going to be in Singapore and/or Malaysia, you can find them fairly easily once you enter the local scene. Or just ask your local friends where they hang out. And then don't say I didn't warn you. Serious hat tip to Mentok.

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