Sunday, August 21, 2005

Fortunate Dangers (or Dangerous Fortunes)

I have seen individuals receive insults from many and varied sources, but until last night, I have never seen insults emanate from a fortune cookie!

The tale is that Mrs. Gankomon and I were out with a few of our friends, and we ended up at a Chinese seafood restaurant known to one of my friends, who originates from Taiwan. We ordered, and after enjoying an excellent, meal, the ubiquitous fortune cookies made their appearance. Said fortune cookies rarely contain relevant commentary, but are usually good for a few laughs. Knowing this, imagine our surprise when one of the group received a fortune which read (as near as I can recall) as follows:

"The greatest danger could be from your stupidity."

I must confess that this was a first- dissed by a fortune cookie! If this were a movie, I think the title would be, 'When Fortune Cookies Attack'!

1 comment:

Mentok said...

I don't know, my friend.... you'd best heed the cookies' creed.

Mentok out.