Monday, August 01, 2005

Staff Sergeant Sheik!

Apparently the mainstream media (better known in the blogosphere as the MSM) can overlook a positive story about Iraq and the U.S. military no matter what the circumstances. Besides their well-known reluctance to live by the laws they like to presccribe for others (see the Helen Thomas fiasco for proof), they also appear to have a strong aversion to actually doing their jobs (ie. reporting the day's occcurrences instead of pontificating their personal preferences for Soviet-style Communism- usually dressed in socialistic rhetoric). In this case, apparently the MSM cannot even report when an American soldier is rewarding by the Iraquis themselves in a most unusual way!

As it happens, an American Army sergeant was elected a Iraqi Sheik in the town of Qayyarah because of his assistance to common Iraqi people, and the MSM (surprise, surprise) ignored it. Fortunately, the Salt lake Tribune has either more professionalism or a less-biased worldview than most of the MSM, and reported the entire episode. Hat tip to Glenn Reynolds.

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