Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Air Scamerica

I have been asked once or twice if I have been following the sordid story of Air Scamerica and the Gloria Wise Clubs. Well, not really.

Let's see- liberal organization steals money meant for social organization. Mainstream press ignores it. Liberal organization claims to have been hoodwinked. Story is allowed to die. Liberal politicians and pundits continue to claim that Republicans are evil people who want to steal from your Social Security account.

This all sounds too depressingly familiar- like maybe Chicago in the Gangster Era? But at least back then, one could light up without fear of the Tobacco Police, compliment a hottie on her short skirt without fear of the Sexual Harassment Police, drink homemade hooch anywhere, and there was good music! Of course, that was also when income tax was a relatively new thing and FDR had yet to turn the country over to the socialists!

To wit, I have been following the story with great amusement, but defer to those who are much better at the twists and turns than I. Such as Brian Maloney, who has owned this story from the beginning.

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