Thursday, March 23, 2006

Truth in the Exempt Media

...comes at last, via a private email sent from an ABC News executive' corporate email account. According to the Drudge Report, John Green, an executive producer on Good Morning, America wrote in an email sent from his private account:

"Bush makes me sick...If he uses the 'mixed messages' line one more time, I'm going to puke,"

Note that this email was sent from an ABC corporate account. The media like to proclaim that media bias is merely a conservative delusion, but when things like this pop up, it is harder and harder to discount. Since it is clear that many members of the so-called Mainstream Media such as Dan Rather & Mary Mapes, Eason Jordan and now John Green hold these strong, anti-Bush, anti-Republican views, I think the least we can do is to distrust anything they say until they can prove it. They no longer deserve to be help as trustworthy and they certainly are not discharging their responsibilities to report news honestly and accurately.

Accordingly, I believe that the MSM needs to be held as accountable as they are trying to hold this Administration. Why is it that Clintonian abuse went unreported, yet Bush is considered a criminal by the MSM? Why is it that Republicans can never get a sympathetic audience from Beltway reporters? Why are committed anti-Republicans like the socialist/Communist mouthpiece Helen Thomas still taking up space in the White House press corps, when able members of the media such as Michelle Malkin or Glenn Reynolds are considered 'unprofessional' because they post their entries on a weblog as opposed to a old-style newspaper?

I have some advice for the media. Your days of unquestioned power are gone. Your lies, deceptions and biased attempts at promoting the Democratic party line are now open to the light of day, and it is time for you to face your own medicine. Your days of abusing your power are gone. No one elected you to be the ultimate arbiters of information, and it is time that your wings were severely clipped, until and unless you can learn that bias is fine- as long as said bias is acknowledged up-front. One can hold biases and still discharge their jobs, but pretending to be unbiased while you perpetrate one hack job after another on our elected President and his Administration is both dishonest and cowardly.

I am grateful Mr. Green (like Ms. Thomas, Dan Rather and Mary Mapes before him) let his honest feelings show. There is nothing wrong with letting your personal feelings and biases show, so long as you honestly attempt to do your job with professional objectivity. However, the MSM is now infamous for pretending that they are above biases, yet they march lockstep considerably to the left of the vast majority of Americans. Then they savage an Administration that has committed no crimes and has the support of more Americans than does the MSM. So go ahead, members of the Exempt Media! Let your biases into the light of day! Let the people judge. But your current mode of behavior will only end in your losing even more audience, as more Americans become ever more disgusted with your lack of honesty, your lack of objectivity and your utter lack of any principles.

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