Monday, March 06, 2006

Free Speech 1, Law Schools 0

The Supreme Court today finally ended the nation's law schools' attempt to muzzle free speech, ruling unanimously that colleges that accept federal funds must allow military recruiters on campus. This is a blow to leftists' attempts to silence speech with which they disagree, and also shows how dependent law schools (and most other universitites as well) have become on federal money. (It also shows that the law schools are far out of step with mainstream America on the issue of the military. And these are the people teaching young legal minds? No wonder the legal profession leans so far left- and is so reviled by most Americans.)

The particular point at issue was the Solomon Amendment, which dictates that any school that accepts federal funds must allow military recruiters on campus. Law schools had protested that this violates their freedom of speech, but the Supreme Court scotched that laughable attempt at defense, pointing out that nothing in the amendment restricts the law schools ability to say anything. It merely forces them to allow speech with which they disagree. The Court ruled unanimously, with even far-left Justices like the sleepy Justice Ginsburg agreeing that the law schools didn't have a leg to stand on.

My question is why this piece of legal pestilence was even allowed to get to the Supreme Court? Aren't there any judges who understand the law in the lower courts? And isn't it interesting that the Left, which fancies itself the protector of free speech, only fights for speech with which they agree? Who are the censors now?

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