Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Quran- In Translation

For those useful idiots of the Left who insist that Islam does not want to displace, supplant and otherwise dominate all facets of the lives of its believers (and who also insists that Islam is kind to non-believers in its midst), I present two translations of the Muslim Holy Book. This holy book has a number of transliterations, but the most common are either 'Koran' or 'Quran'. In the course of this post, I shall use both interchangeably.

The first was done by Dr. TB Irving. Be aware that the Doctor is himself an Islamic apologist. However, this is one of the more readable and accessible translations. It also includes a lengthy explanation of the Doctors methodology and some of the aspects of Islam itself in the Forward. The Irving translation can be found at

There is also another text, which like Irving's was done for a university, available from the University of Michigan. Translated by M.H. Shakir, it uses the name 'Allah' as opposed to the term 'God' used by Irving. The Shakir translation can be found at

I strongly recommend that you take a thorough look at both of these translations. One of the most important dictums in war is to know thy enemy. Only by actually reading the Quran can we understand the root of the Muslim attack against the West, and then we can determine the best method to defeat it.

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