Sunday, March 26, 2006

San Francisco & 'Tolerance'

This post is a day late. It should have gone up last night, but familial events intervened. So, here goes:

San Francisco, according to their Board of Supervisors, are "America's most tolerant and progressive city". However, that tolerance does not appear to include anyone with whom the San Franciscans disagree. According to, a group of evangelical Christian youth has been holding gathering, which is part of the nationwide 'Battle Cry 2006' campaign to promote Christian values and protest the so-called degrading popular culture.

One would suppose that "the most tolerant and progressive city in America" would welcome a group whose mission is anathema to most of San Francisco's inhabitants. However, it appears that San Francisco's so-called tolerance is only for those groups with whom the Supervisors agree. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors condemned the rally, calling it (according to the SF Chronicle) an "act of provocation". The Board went on to call the Christian group "anti-gay" and "anti-choice", along with claiming that they "aim to negatively influence the politics of America's most tolerant and progressive city".

They may be trying to influence the politics of San Francisco, but what are the pro-gay groups doing? Exactly the same thing! And unlike the Christians, the pro-gay, anti-American groups like Code Pink ARE negatively influencing politics. I don't know how else to characterize their attempts to remove Christianity and the military while introducing pro-Sharia, pro-deviant lifestyles. Just because the Supervisors are themselves anti-Christian doe not give them the right to try to muzzle groups they oppose. That is called censorship- something that only the Left appears to practice.

According to an article in Saturday, March 25's San Francisco Chronicle by reporter Joe Garofali, the gathering included over 25000 young Christian activists from all over the United States. A counter-protest by the usual leftists suspects got only around 50 people. And what's more, according to one of the SF police officers assigned, the Christians invited the Navy SEALs to do a pro-American demonstration.

Now what is interesting, the same reporter wrote who wrote a sympathetic article about several SF organizations' attempts to remove the US Navy as one of SF radio station KMEL's sponsors for a concert. The organizations are the usual suspects- Code Pink, etc. These anti-American organizations are 'concerned' because apparently KMEL has more listeners than any other Bay Area station, and about 40 percent are 'people of color' (Leftist code for black/Hispanic- Asians, people from Africa itself do not count, apparently).

So let's recap. The City of San Francisco claims to be 'the most tolerant city in America' yet they do not tolerate Christians. The Christians also appear to be strong supporters of their country and welcome the US military at their functions- something the City of San Francisco CANNOT claim. And finally, the same groups which claim these Christians are 'negatively influencing the politics...' are themselves trying to force their own military- the same people who protect these anti-Americans- out of the Bay Area completely. And they STILL claim to be 'tolerant' and 'progressive'????

Apparently along with not understanding the meaning of the First Amendment, the Supervisors also do not understand the meaning of the terms 'tolerance' and progressive'. Their actions can be defined under neither of those two terms. Perhaps if they spent more time fixing the streets and less playing politics, they might eventually come to understand that. But wait- these are San Francisco leftists. Understanding? True tolerance? I fear that they will remain eternally in the dark. Perhaps if they attended a few sessions of Battle Cry, they might gain enlightenment- but I doubt it. These are, after all, San Francisco leftists.

03/26/2006: 2128 PST UPDATE: The original aritcle by Joe Garofoli is now online at Hat tip for the link to Matt Drudge.

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