Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hillary and Dubai

Hillary Clinton, who famously offered herself as a 'co-president' when her husband Bill occupied the White House, and who was responsible for one of Clinton's worst policy attempts, the Communist-inspired 'Hillarycare' initiative. apparently doesn't want her husband as a 'co-Senator'.

Over the weekend, according to MSNBC, she claimed that she was unaware of Bill's role in advising the Dubai company that is attempting to take over the management of six major US ports. Since she has been one of the most out-spoken opponents of the deal, this strikes me a cynical at best, and a flat-out lie at worst. She and Bill are still married (at least in name), and to try to convince us that she is totally unaware that Bill was the main advisor (for which he is being paid roughly 1.6 million dollars) is political hypocrisy at its most blatant.

In addition to her hypocrisy, her stand strikes me a political maneuvering and I suspect that she simply didn't believe that the Press, who have spent countless millions trying to promote and help her (as-yet unnanounced) campaign for the Presidency, wouold actually expose what she and Bill had cooked up. I am positive that she was to be the stern security-minded Senator while Bill was the bread-winner in the deal. Anyone who thinks that 1.6 million would not end up in the Hillary-for-President fund is simply naive, based on the Clintons' past behavior. After all, they were even willing to take money from Communist China!

No, I fear that I cannot believe Senator Clinton's protestations. And in an interesting twist, even MSNBC has misgivings, writing "But former President Bill Clinton's ties to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates should not have come as a surprise to his New York senator wife." Maybe is more media sources had had misgivings about the political operations of the Clintons earlier, we would have been spared the scandals of the Clinton Administration. But that would have required the Press to actually honestly report on the Clintons and the Democratic Party- something that they are seemingly unable to do.

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