Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hillary and the 'Police State'

Hillary Clinton is complaining. According to the Boston Globe, she says that the Bush Administration is creating a police state to round up illegal immigrants. And what exactly is wrong with that, Senator? To refresh- the reason these people are called illegal aliens is because they are here, well, illegally. And we should be rounding these people up and shipping them back to wherever they came from. They do not have a right to break our laws and expect us to welcome them with open arms- especially considering the devastation that they cause. Remember that the Governor of Arizona, like Hillary a Democrat, recently called out the National Guard to keep these folks out, and to protect her constituents from the damage and danger they bring with them.

I am not against immigration. I am in fact married to a legal immigrant. She had to pass through all kinds of legal hoops in order to gain her legal status (which were completely unrelated to our marriage). She is now a legal resident of this great country. She is also a working professional and a contributor to this country- she is a registered nurse. That is the kind of immigrant that we should be trying to attract. However, most illegal immigrants do not fit in that category. Most are people who can't make it in their own countries, and who are admittedly the very dregs of society. In my opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with enforcing some of the laws that are already on the books to keep these undesirables out. And if that upsets the Senator, maybe she ought to spend a little less time in Martha's Vineyard and more time in the border communities that are devastated by these illegal aliens- places like New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and California.

But to complain that the Bush Administration is 'creating a police state'???? I can only wish that this were true. In fact, I regret to say that the Bush Administration has been reprehensibly lax in enforcing security at our porous borders. They are even proposing yet another thinly-disguised amnesty for these law-breakers. I was over at a nearby hardware store and I saw large numbers of these illegals lurking in the parking lot waiting for under-the-table work. This can and should be stopped as soon as possible. Why should we reward illegals for breaking the first law- illegal entry? Legal immigrants are always welcome. But illegals should be arested and deported wherever found.

In fact, I would propose that when an illegal is apprehended, he/she is immediately put to work for one dollar a day for one year at whatever job the arresting county/city needs done. That dollar a day will be cahrged to their keep. At the end of that year, they will be deported with no money back to wherever they came from. Should they be re-apprehended, that time in labor will double. The propsepct of hard work with no pay might keep some of these folks from breaking our laws, since it iss the money that attracts them. As a corrolary, we need to crack down on the illegal employers. Let'ss start with the farmers, then look at the ethnic restaurants. How many illegals are working in Mexican/Thai/Chinese restaurants? When I was in college, half of my Chinese friends were illegally employed in ethnic restaurants. That is a prime place to crack down. In conclusion, we have the right to police our own borders, and if the rest of the world (particularly Mexico and the rest of Latin America) can't put their own house in order, that is no reason to expect us to take in their undesirables simply so that their power elite can maintain their high positions.

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