Monday, March 20, 2006

Oh- THOSE Jobs....

It appears that the MSM may have finally noticed that the economy, contrary to their badly-hidden hopes, is not tanking. Reuters today published an article stating that a survey conducted by an employment consulting firm showed the best market for new college graduates since 2001. The same survey, which was conducted by Challenger, Gray and Christmas, said that the United States "is approaching full employment".

This is not exactly a secret to anyone who has been following the actual state of the economy, instead of listening to Paul Krugman and like critics of the Bush Administration who wish that the economy was doing as badly as they would like, thus justifying their desire for Soviet-syle economics (and allowing them to realize their dreams of power). However, it shows once again that our nation's so-called 'mainstream media' are still refusing to face that their constant features on the 'bad economy' have been as false as their professed 'objectiivty'. Maybe this new survey, which even Resuters was unable to ignore, will make the media a little more responsible in publishing truth as opposed to waht they wish was truth!

Regarding the many folks on the Left who have a vested interest in seeing the US economy fail, I am constantly in wonderment over these leftist economists, who despite socialism's blatant failures wherever it has been tried, are still willing to try it yet again. Capitalism is not perfect, but no other economic system has shown the results, while simultaneously raising the style of living for those who are fortunate enough to live in cultures that do embrace it.

Leftisits seem to be interested in socialism only because it empowers the elites to use the ordinary folks as human guinea-pigs, on whom they may experiment. None of the Leftist elitists- not Paul (The Professor) Krugman, not Teddy (The Lush) Kennedy, nor Hillary (Care) Clinton, all of whom espouse some form of socialism, have ever been forced to live in a socialist economy. All of them have gained their wealth through capitalism. Maybe actually living as an ordinary worker in a socialist economy might open their eyes to the realities of life. In any event, I trust that this new survey might eliminate some of the false stories regarding the 'bad economy' and perhaps even the MSM will finally cease their false tales and publish the truth- that the Bush Administration has been largely successful,. despite some very serious natural (and non-natural) disasters, in steering the economy onto a solid path.

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