Friday, March 24, 2006

More Dhimmis-In-Waiting

There is a long-standing unwritten rule of hospitality that says that when a guest visits one's home, that guest should abide by the rules set in place by one's host. This dictum is even more important when used in connection with foreign visitors to a nation-state. However, it appears that not only has the St. Paul city government lost comprehension of this rule, they are not even able to defend their own culture from those who would replace it.

According to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Star-Tribune, the St. Paul city government has removed an Easter bunny because the 'human rights director' (by the way, why does a city need a 'human rights director'?) is afraid of being 'offensive to non-Christians". Well, what about being offensive to Christians- who make up roughly 80 percent of the United States last time I checked? What gives the local government the right to disrespect that 80 percent? The United States has it's own traditions and some of them may be offensive to non-Christians, like the American tradition of giving women a voice- something that Muslims are definitely not in favor of. Or traditions like a Christmas tree, or celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. All of these things might be offensive to non-Christians. Too bad. If they are offended, they can go home. The other point is that no one is forcing these non-Christians to participate. But by removing them, you are definitely forcing your majority to be dictated to by a minority.

The United States is a Christian nation, like it or not. And if the human rights director of St. Paul doesn't understand that, then she has no business being in her exalted position. Maybe she ought to go live as a non-Muslim in Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia for a while and see how non-Muslims are treated in those countries (hint- It is much more restrictive). However, those are not Christian countries and they do have the sovereign right to rule themselves as their people wish. But so do we- and that right includes being able to openly practice our own religions and traditions, whether they offend or not. I think my friend Mentok puts it best when he wrote his blog entry Why I-distrust- Muslims. This was in response to a Craigslist poster who complained that he/she was 'tired of people hating me". Mentok's response is very blunt, but it is refreshing that there are still people willing to lay down the law to these Pan-Islamists. Even the original Craigslist poster says in his/her diatribe "I worship Allah...the only real god. You are all going to die for not loving only him. Jesus is a fraud." Well, buddy,, if you really feel that way, what in the name of God are you doing in a mainly Christian country? We don't agree with your comments. And since it is OUR country, not yours, that is our right. Period.

It has been written by those more erudite than I that if we do not have the strength of will to defend our own culture, that culture will be overthrown. This is one more reminder that too many of American's Leftists do not have the strength or even desire to defend the culture that gives them their freedom. When they wake up in burkhas, I wonder if then they might gain a glimmer of understanding that appeasement is always wrong and that trying to 'respect' groups like the Muslims by hiding one's own symbols only leads to demands for more submission. Never forget- Islam means 'Submission', and Muslims are dreaming of a return to the days when Christians and Jews (and Hindus, Buddhists, etc) DID actually bend their heads in fear and submission before the worldwide Caliphate. This cowardly and unnecessary step by the city government in St. Paul is only one more step on the road to dhimmitude- and I for one have no intention of allowing it to go any further. If the Left wishes to submit, then go to Saudi Arabia and submit. But don't keep dragging those of us who are proud of our country, our culture and our religion into dhimmitude with you.

Hat tip to Matt Drudge.

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