Monday, March 19, 2007

So are we at war yet?

The Democratic Party and their shills in the mainstream media have been insisting that we are not at war with Iran or their fellow-travelers in al-Quaeda almost since the beginning of the Iraq campaign of our fight against Islamic terror. However, it appears that whether or not the Democrats and the media recognize it or not, we re engaged in a battle against Iran.

News has appeared in recent months amounting to a veritable smoking gun of Iranian involvement in the Iraqi campaign. In addition, Iran has a long history of military acts of war against the United States, beginning with the capture of our Embassy in 1979. Last month, US forces found and captured a number of Iranian military officials in Iraq, and the recent defection of General Ali Resa Asgari has also increased our knowledge of Iranian actions against us.

However, Iran has now raised the bar in their long-running war against the US and Western civilization. The Times of London reports that Iran is threatening to kidnap US soldiers all over the world in what Iran claims is retaliation for supposed undercover kidnaps of its Revolutionary Guards leadership. According to the Times, security analysts say that this is a credible threat, especially in Iraq, where US personnel are easier to reach.

We need to scotch this immediately. Iran need to understand that their Revolutionary Guards are operating outside the lines in Iraq, and any such attempt to kidnap US personnel would be met with a strong and immediate military response - including the targeting of the Iranian political leadership.

That being said, when will the media and the Democrats wake up and realize that we have been at war with Iran since 1979, and the time allotted us to teach them a permanent lesson is growing shorter as they reach desperately for nuclear weapons. History shows that countries such as Iran only respect force, and that when they are allowed to nourish delusions of grandeur that the cost to squash those notions increases exponentially the longer they are allowed to pursue them.

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