Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hillary 08?

It has long been known that Hillary Ciinton lacks both her husband's political skills and his charm. Where Bill was able to parlay a 43% approval rating into two terms in the White House, Hillary is looking more and more like a wannabe politician, not the genuine article.

It is also well known that where Bill was and mostly still is genuinely liked as a person even by his political enemies, Hillary has no such good feeling. Unlike the politically gifted but ideologically centerless Bill, Hillary is a dyed-in-the-wool socialist/communist ideologue who lacks the political skills or charisma to bring her overweening ambition to fruition.

This knowledege was reinforced by a new Harris Poll that came out today, stating that 50 percent of Americans who are of voting age say they would not vote for Hillary. This includes a whopping 48 percent of independent voters and even 20 percent of registered Democrats.

This poll reinforces the feeling among many Democratic strategists that Hillary cannot win a national election. While I respect Hillary's ambition and her fund-raising skills, I would tend to agree that her only real chance of winning would be if a strong independent candidate split the Republican/libertarian/conservative vote, much as Ross Perot did in 1992. And even then, Hillary's chances are slim, as her negasitves are so high. Only thirty-six percent say they would vote for her. and eleven percent are undecided.

I believe that a Hillary presidency would be disastrous for the United States for many reasons. However, it is looking more and more that we will spared such a disaster, as Hillary does not appear at the moment to have enough support to actually win. IF the Republicans nominate a strong candidate, I don't think Hillary can win. At least , so I hope.

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