Monday, March 19, 2007

History, anyone?

I posted a few weeks ago on the fact that many on the Left like to ignore the many moments of splendor, both moral and cultural, displayed by Western culture.

However, there are those who have made the realization that Western civilization, while certainly not perfect, has many more positives than negatives, on balance. Michael Barone pinpoints this in his article "The Blame-America-First Crowd". Barone uses the writings of Winston Churchill and the British historian Andrew Roberts to make the point that,

...almost all the advances of freedom in the 20th century have been made by the English-speaking peoples -- Americans especially, but British, as well, and also (here his account will be unfamiliar to most American readers) Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders. And he recalls what held and holds them together by quoting a speech Winston Churchill gave in 1943 at Harvard: "Law, language, literature -- these are considerable factors. Common conceptions of what is right and decent, a marked regard for fair play, especially to the weak and poor, a stern sentiment of impartial justice and above all a love of personal freedom ... these are the common conceptions on both sides of the ocean among the English-speaking peoples."

Read the whole thing. And if you know any Blame-America-First folks, feel free to share it with them. They could use all the real history they can get....

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