Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Cancer is a terrible disease in all of its many forms. I lost my mother to a particularly vicious brain tumor a few years ago, and I myself have so far survived a less pernicious form myself. That being said, I am saddened to read that the lovely and talented Cathy Seipp of the Cathy's World blog appears to have lost her own long-running battle with the disease. As a very small fish in the blogger pool, I never had the opportunity to meet Cathy, but I have enjoyed reading her penetrating thoughts since she joined the blogging community.

If you can, please sign the wonderful petition for Cathy, and send your thoughts and prayer to her and to her family. For myself, thank you to Cathy for her many wonderful thoughts and your presence, Cathy, and while your memory lives, you will not be forgotten.

God bless you Cathy, and may you go peacefully into that good night.

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