Monday, March 26, 2007

The Democratic Plan for Iraq

Courtesy of the fine bloggers and journalists who form The Victory Caucus, I am pleased to present to my readers here at StoneHeads a visualization of the Democratic Party's plan for victory in Iraq. Included is a diagram of how the Democrats' new rules of engagement for our fine soldiers (ie. being permitted only to engage in what Congress, not the Constitutionally-designated Commander in Chief, categorizes as 'counter-terrorist activity') might work in practice. By the way, for any Democrats who may be reading this, the Constitutional Commander in Chief is the United States President. Keep in mind the Congresspeople who are proposing this new 'strategy' are the same people who are claiming that they "support the troops". I think the guys at Victory Caucus put it best, accurately identifying it as "the latest iteration of the Slow Bleed strategy"!

As as been stated in many other places, elections have consequences. For the past several elections, the Democrats' constant losses allowed them to carp, complain and do their best to sabotage the majority and the elected President in a time of war. However, they did win the last Congressional elections. This victory, while it allows them to dictate policy, also makes them responsible for those policies. If the Democrats really want to end the United States' military involvement in Iraq, or anywhere else, they have merely to end funding for it. Of course, that would require them to actually take responsibility- something that they aren't very good at.

Hat tip to Glenn Reynolds.

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