Monday, March 12, 2007

'Fair and Balanced'???

For many years, the Democrats have enjoyed an echo chamber in the national media. CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS are all reliably and heavily partisan toward the Democrats. The biased coverage is goods for at least five points in most elections. Yet apparently the Democrats are not satisfied with this. When the Nevada Democratic Party allowed the Fox News Network- the only network that actually allows conservatives a fairly even voice- to co-sponsor a debate, the Democrats threw a temper tantrum. John Edwards' campaign wrote on their blog, "Fox News already proven they have no intention of providing "fair and balanced" coverage of any Democrat in this election." This from the campaign that engaged in reckless and hateful blogging about Catholics?

I think the reaction of the Las Vegas Review-Journal is the most apt. The editors wrote a stingingly honest editorial today regarding the Democrats' inability to engage in any debate where they do not enjoy a totally controlled media environment. Among other things, the editors wrote,

"You'd think the deal called for having Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter mock the candidates between comments. No, even unfiltered, unedited, live debate between loyal Democrats couldn't be entrusted to Fox News.

The approach of outfits such as is so juvenile it's laughable. Imagine if every political organization created litmus tests for news organizations before agreeing to appear on their programming. Republicans would have boycotted PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC, National Public Radio and The Associated Press decades ago."

This seems about right. Apparently Democrats are so out of touch with American values that they imagine liberals are a majority, and that conservatives are not even human. I have some advice for the moonbats of the Left- try actually talking a few conservatives once in a while instead of demonizing us. Or even better, actually meet a few in person. You might learn why we believe the things we do, and perhaps you might even find that you can entertain a few novel ideas once in a while.

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