Saturday, June 10, 2006

The States Are Stepping Up.. the plate on immigration. If the federal government will not execute its constitutionally mandated duty to protect the border, then the states are using novel ways to step into the breach. In a story today, reports that an Arizona judge has upheld a law used to target illegal immigrants and their smugglers.

According to the report, Judge Thomas O'Toole upheld the law despite arguments that it was never intended to target illegals- only their smugglers. Displaying a rare attack of common sense from a member of the legal profession, the judge said that their was no evidence the law "intended to exclude any prosecution for conspiracy to commit human smuggling." This allows the Maricopa County Attorney to continue to use the law to target illegal aliens and put them into prison or fine them if they are caught crossing the border.

This is very good news. Arizona and the other border states have suffered immensely from the illegal invasion, and since the US government seems more intent on protecting those who have no right to protection (the illegal aliens) than those whom they are legally sworn to protect (their constituents), the states are stepping up to the plate.

Hopefully, this will shame some Senators and Congresspeople into acting in Washington as well. It is time to stop pandering to people who have no right to be here and start thinking of the people who DO have a right to be here- the citizens and LEGAL residents of the United States. Are the Congress and the President listening?

Hat tip to Matt Drudge.

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