Friday, June 09, 2006

Regarding LEGAL Immigration...

The service formerly known as the Immigration and Naturalization Service or INS (now renamed to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services- USCIS) is famous for capriciousness, arrogance, laziness and sheer incompetence. Having dealt myself with this agency on two separate occasions, I am intimately familiar with their complete lack of anything remotely resembling service. They rank on the same level as the IRS, without the latter's charm.

And apparently I am not the only person who so considers this agency to be in desperate need of a complete and total overhaul. A recent post on the near-miss of citizenship by a wounded LEGAL resident of the United States who was serving in the United States Armed Services by the estimable Japanese-born wife of Dayfdd ab Hugh is painfully true. Anyone who has ever had to deal with the capricious and arrogant inhabitants of this agency is well aware that they take great pleasure in treating anyone who is so unfortunate enough to deal with them in a manner calculated to provoke.

This agency needs a complete overhaul from top to bottom and it's leadership (if such incompetence can even be called leadership) needs thorough training in service. The supplicants of the USCIS are LEGALLY here, they did not swim the Rio Grande like the ILLEGAL ALIENS the Senate so badly wants to give amnesty to. On a slight tangent, I would like to make a note to our esteemed Senators- there is an enormous difference between people who came here LEGALLY and are trying to follow the Byzantine rules and regulations laid down by the USCIS and people who don't even respect us enough to follow the most basic of our laws- in short who break those laws in their illicit border crossings. I would think that the people who are trying their best to FOLLOW our laws and who are here LEGALLY (again, note the difference between LEGAL and ILLEGAL) are the people we should be trying to make welcome, not give them a bad impression of the US Government right off the bat. Again, having intimate experience with this agency gives me the knowledge that it is one that richly deserves all the contempt and disapprobriation that can be heaped upon it.

We need a replacement. Soon.

Hat tip to Sachi at Big Lizards.

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