Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mothers, Watch Your Daughters

And don't let said daughters grow up to marry Muslims. As a story posted today on Yahoo! News shows, if parents do not keep a close eye on their children, they may do things they will later regret. George Bernard Shaw once said, "Youth is wasted on the young". Well, yes. Young people do not have the experience or knowledge to make rational decisions, which is why anyone under 18 is not considered able to make legally binding decisions. And young people tend to do incredibly stupid things under the guise of 'rebellion'.

In this case, a sixteen-year-old girl from Michigan apparently decided to marry an impoverished, 20-year-old Palestinian, who intended to make her convert to Islam. Considering the liberal-controlled educational system in the United States, I doubt whether the teenager in question, one Katherine Lester, knows anything valid about Islam and the sharia religious law it contains. I certainly doubt that a 16-year-old American girl would be willing to put up with the restrictions and lack of rights 'enjoyed' by Muslim women. In fact, according to her sister, the girl denies that she agreed to convert to Islam. Not that she would be given a choice once she reached the Palestinian's home, of course. TThe sister wondered why the young man couldn't come to the U.S. if he really loved her. Why did hee ask her to go there? she wondered. Well, Islam and sharia law are the real reasons that they wanted her to come there- she would be helpless to resist the forced 'marriage' and Islamic conversion that would undoubtedly be required of her. And once married, she would find it almost impossible to get away from her new husband and his family.

In addition, I am appalled that this American girl was even able to spend all these hours online meeting unknown aadult Muslim men. What were her so-called 'loving parents' doing all this time? Where was the supervision? A sixteen-year-old high-school girl certainly should not be unsupervised when she spends hours in online chat rooms meeting God-knows-who. This is yet another reason for parents to keep a close eye on their offspring. I am aware that this is a trying and un-appealing task, especially for liberals who are too lazy to carry our the real tasks of parenthood and who believe that children are capable of making their own decisions. However, this shows once again that parents who do not keep watch over their children meet with disaster. The only redeeming value in this case is that the girl was successfully intercepted before she could be taken by the Palestinians.

The MSM, of course, present the Palestinian in question as a "music-loving computer buff who says he loves the teen and is heartbroken she was sent home". Sure. According to friends quoted in the article, although he claims he has no interest in coming to the United States, he "wanted to take the SAT exam and study computer engineering in the U.S. That is his dream." Uh-huh. So he arranges for an American 16-year-old from the heart of Blue America to come to Gaza? And he says she would convert to Islam? A religion where women are completely controlled by their husbands? And he "has no desire to come to the U.S.?" All of this rings incredibly phony. I expect the Drive-By Media to miss this. However, I also expect others to concentrate on this .

And we definitely need to monitor things like MySpace a little more closely. If Muslim Palestinians are using it to try to acquire ready-made access to America via underage son-to-be slave brides, then what are others using it for?

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