Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More Global Hot Air

It has long been known that the Drive-By Media has bought into the global warming hysteria. It has also been common knowledge for some time that the Drive-By Media has little interest in presenting any stories that show the skeptics of the global warming scare in a positive light. They seem to prefer to try to show the global warming proponents in as positive a light as possible- even when said defenders know less about science than do most reporters.

However, they have now reached what appears to be a new low- even for the Drive-By Media. According to ABC News' own web page, ABC News is begging for 'global warming' horror stories. In their own words, ABC News writes on their web site:
ABC News wants to hear from you. We're currently producing a report on the increasing changes in our physical environment, and are looking for interesting examples of people coping with the differences in their daily lives. Has your life been directly affected by global warming?

Not content with this clear pitch for unbalanced, probably hysterical and certainly unscientific 'reporting', ABC News continues by letting these amateur jounalists know exactly what they are looking for, writing: "Show us what you've seen. You can include video material of the environmental change, or simply tell your story via webcam." They even don't appear to care for any eveidence, writing in conclusion, "No video? Share your story in words here." Uh, what about evidence? What about verifiable facts? What about opposing points of view? What about *gasp* OBJECTIVITY?!

But wait! This is, after all, the same media who published massively false accounts of hurrican Katrina, who tried to sabotage a Presidency with fake memos, who has published countless other fake 'news' stories, and who would rather undermine the security of the United States (are you reading this, Pinch Sulzberger?) than actually recognize that they are the Islamic terrorists' only real allies. So they don't even care if they receive completely unsourced, unverifiable, made up accounts. ABC is determined to stop the United States from worrying about Islamic terrorists- who after all m ight only kill us all and then impose sharia law on any surviivors, and start us worrying about 'global warming'. which has yet to be proven! Note to ABC- If global warming were a real threat, you wouldn't have to beg for enviro-fanatics' home-made scare stories. BThere would be plenty of real eveidnce that was not arguable. But then, that would require actual honest reporting- something ABC News(along with the rest of the Drive-By Media) long ago abandoned.

Hat tip to Matt Drudge.

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