Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Go Ahead- Make Our Day

Kim Jong Il, the mad dictator of the starving 'People's Republic" of North Korea, has finally gone one step too far. It seems that his threats to launch missiles that can reach the United States has caused us to finally activate our missile shield. This is the missile shield which we pulled out of the 1972 ABM Treaty to build and which is just in time. For more details on the shield itself, see this informative article on the missile shield courtesy of the Washington Times newspaper.

If North Korea decides to launch said missile, I trust we will simply shoot that missile down and that ought to leave a major impression on China, which now no longer can use their own nuclear weapons to threaten the United States. And on certain other countries as well. Russia and Iran definitely come to mind.

It is a wonderful thought that we can be safe and everyone else is not. Our nuclear weapons are largely dispersed in submarines stationed around the world- and the United States Navy has no peer. Even the Russians couldn't find our 'boomers' (the great missile submarines) and certainly North Korea and Iran have no hope of finding them. All of which means that we can hit them and they can't strike at us- unless they wish to face instant obliteration.

So if Russia and China cannot or will not stand with us against Iran, let Iran get nuclear weapons, I say. Let North Korea fire off their pitiful little nukes at us. We can turn the Korean Peninsula into a wasteland. How do you like that idea, Beijing?

We are safe behind our shield and if our so-called 'allies' (like the French) do not wish to support us, then we do not need to share this technology with them, do we? Friends will be protected. Fair-weather friends? You might be left on the outside. Japan, I may safely say, is probably sure of protection, as Prime Minister Koizumi has been one of our staunchest allies throughout, even in the face of unpopularity at home. But South Korea? With their anti-American rhetoric and their anti-American population, I am heartily tempted to say pull out the troops and let them suffer. Let those ingrates discover the misery under Kim Jong Il that the North has known for years- and that only US military power has spared them thus far.

Hat tip to Matt Drudge.

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