Tuesday, June 20, 2006

And about time too...

According to a story posted today via yahoo! News, small towns around the United States are finally taking on the problem that so far the federal government refuses to address- illegal immigration and the horrible effects it has on townships and states who are affected.

According to the story, the town of Hazelton, Pennsylvania is cracking down on illegal immigrants, introducing fines and revoking the business licenses of any businesses that are caught employing illegal aliens. A side effect of the new laws is that English is now the city's official language, thus making it harder on illegal aliens who usually cannot speak English well if at all. Other cities across the nation are doing similar things. Even in San Bernardino, in heavily leftist, open-borders-spouting California, there is apparently similar legislation on the ballot.

The usual suspects are of course outraged and the news story presents them in the most positive light possible, though even the reporters have to admit that illegals are a blight to the city. The National Council of La Raza, a racist, Ku Klux Klan-like Latino supremacist group (La Raza means 'The Race') is threatening a lawsuit and the ACLU is probably also considering one, though that is not mentioned in the article. For more info on La Raza and their fellow racist organization MEChA, see this page.

I say that this is about time. Illegal immigration is ILLEGAL! Why should law-abiding American citizens be forced to pay for what Mexico cannot or will not do for their own people? The article claims that according to one 'resident who immigrated from Mexico eight years ago" (can you say illegal who got an amnesty? I can!) "most illegal immigrants obey the law and only want to work". Sure. If they are law-abiding, they WOULDN'T BE HERE! Illegal aliens are by definition NOT law-abiding- they are here illegally! Good for Hazelton. Hopefully more American cities will follow suit and eventually force our resident pork-masters in Washington to as well.

Hat tip to Matt Drudge.


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