Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Nuclear Mullahs

Iran has claimed on Tuesday that they have successfully enriched uranium for the first time. This was accompanied by a claim from the so-called 'President' that the Iranian nuclear program is 'peaceful'.

This is bad news all around. The Iranian leadership has shown on many occasions since 1979 that they do not respect the United States or international agencies. They have repeatedly flouted the UN's nuclear watchdog, and they are serious that they want to destroy the United States and establish Muslim rule (preferably led by themselves, naturally) over the entire globe.

When will the US leadership wake up? This problem could have been taken care of some years ago, but now the US is not able to do anything other than invade or try a massive air strike to knock out the Iranians' nuclear ambitions. The former may not be possible, thanks to the bitter antagonism shown this Administration by the Press and the Washington elites. Their savage attacks on the President and their unceasing hostility toward any attempts to defend this country against radical and hate-filled regimes (Saddam Hussein, the mullahs, Venezuela's Chavez, al Quaeda, etc) have seriously weakened the US credibility and may have put the possibility of military action out of reach for this President.

However, this needs to be addressed. There are two regimes in the world that must be stopped- North Korea and Iran. Removing China from the grip of the Communists would also be nice, but is not possible. Therefore, we need to pull the teeth of these two nations, so that the world can continue to dream away as Islam slowly takes their countries away. But at least we will be safer. And that is really the only question. Is the United States safer with Iran and North Korea out of the nuclear business? Yes. Both would have no compunction about selling nuclear weapons to a terrorist group, and both hate the United States deeply.

One hopes that President Bush will pull together his political willpower, especially now that he no longer needs to run for election and put the Iranians' nuclear program into deep freeze. And it would behoove us to use those troops in Iraq, if Iran makes any further noises about their nuclear program. Let's see if the mullahs' army is any better at fighting than was Saddam Hussein's. And quickly- before the Iranians really do unlock the nuclear genie, in which case we are in a world of trouble.

Hat tip to Matt Drudge.

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